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In 2016, Foundations co-founders, Chuck Krugh and Jimelle Carlson, found themselves in a situation where they were disheartened by the education options for children with learning challenges. Chuck and his wife Michelle had three sons with learning challenges, and they had spent years pursuing every option available to provide their boys with the education and support they deserved. From preschool through elementary, they went through the public school IEP process, received special education services, pursued private school education, homeschooled, and even hired teachers to work one-on-one with their children. In every situation, regardless of the good intentions of the people they met along the way, their boys were not being supported in a way that was producing lasting change.

Jimelle Carlson grew up with a heart and passion to work with at-risk youth, and when one of her four kids was diagnosed at a young age with auditory processing challenges, her desire to work in the field of special education grew even stronger. Like the Krugh family, she too, pursued public school special education for her child, only to find that the current public school education system is not set-up in a way that properly supports the needs of children with learning challenges. Sadly, both Chuck and Jimelle also discovered that some schools and programs that claimed to “help” students with learning challenges, were actually seeking to profit as much as possible from the desperation of parents who are willing to do all that they can to help their child.

When their paths crossed in 2016, Chuck and Jimelle decided to combine their individual efforts to transform the field of education for the countless numbers of students who were falling through the cracks. While Chuck brought his years of business experience and research in the field of neuroplasticity to the table, Jimelle brought her education and experience in the fields of psychology and education, and together they brainstormed the ideal school environment to help children grow to their full potential.

From its conception, Foundations has grown steadily, primarily by word of mouth. There is no other school that offers the same unique combination of programs and support that Foundations Cognitive Schools offers, and the results we are seeing in our students are phenomenal. Not only are we seeing our students grow cognitively and academically, more importantly, we are seeing our students’ confidence grow in ways that are life changing. Parent after parent has reported to us that, as their child has begun to flourish in school for the first time ever, their family as a whole has begun to find healing that they didn’t think was previously possible.

Our dream and vision is that every child who struggles with learning challenges, regardless of location and financial means, is provided with the cognitive, academic, emotional, and social support that they deserve, so that they can fully grow into the person God has created them to be.


The Foundations program methodology is to move past the traditional concept of simply managing the symptoms of learning disabilities and, instead, address the root cause of these challenges. Based on the concept of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change, heal, and grow in response to targeted training), each day, our students perform cognitive exercises that have been scientifically proven to strengthen weak cognitive capabilities. In other words, the goal of Foundations is to transform the brain, establishing capabilities that did not exist and, thus, begin to instill a newfound confidence and a love of learning. By strengthening cognitive capacities, students are able to work through tasks which were once incredibly challenging for them. In addition to its scientific approach to cognitive improvement, Foundations includes state-certified reading and mathematics programs. When combined with the cognitive exercises, these programs have helped many of our students achieve dramatic improvement in reading, writing, and math.


Students entering the Foundations program commonly struggle with a range of challenges including:


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