For the 2022-2023 school year we will have two multi-grade Elementary classes, one Junior High class, and one High School class. Each classroom will have a student-teacher ratio of 4:1, and will max at 16 total students. Each student is assessed and works at a pace and level that is appropriate for his or her particular needs. In order to ensure that students are connected socially to others in their peer group, Foundations students attend recess, lunch, and school activities with the mainstream students in their grade. They also have the opportunity to play on sports teams and to participate in extra-curricular school activities offered at our partner school, such as choir, dance, cheer, clubs, etc. Our High School students are offered the option to pursue a High School Diploma, or to participate in our Certificate of Completion program.


Brain Growth! Unlike traditional special education and support programs which focus on working around the student’s learning challenges and teaching compensation techniques, Foundations students have the opportunity to do daily brain exercises designed to strengthen the weak areas of their brain.

School Environment! Most programs for students with learning challenges are small and located in an office or industrial building. Foundations Cognitive Schools is located on the San Juan Capistrano campus of the prestigious Fairmont Schools. Our beautiful campus, spanning 66,000 square feet, includes two educational wings full of classroom space, playgrounds, gymnasium, a music room, science labs, and more. Our unique location allows Foundations students the opportunity to attend a school where they feel like a typical kid, alongside their mainstream peers/siblings, all while receiving the hands-on support they need.

Loving and Nurturing Environment! While all of our staff are fully trained and qualified to work with students with learning challenges, more important than that, we love our students and have a passion to help each one of them grow to their full potential.

Stability! Foundations offers support for students from 1st through 12th grade, so students are able to attend school at one location from elementary through high school, allowing them to make long-term friends and relationships with their teachers.

Individualized Plan! Each child receives an individualized plan that is consistent with their specific needs, abilities, and goals. While some students may only require a couple years of cognitive growth and support, others may require support throughout their academic career. In either case, each student is supported in a manner that is ideal for their specific needs.

Self-Esteem Building! Foundations students experience success in the classroom, often for the first time in their lives, which is life changing for them. As their self-esteem grows, the family as a whole often finds healing in ways that they previously did not think was possible.

Saves Money and Time! Rather than taking your child to multiple therapies after school and on the weekends, all of our students’ cognitive therapies are incorporated into their school day. Not only does this help create a more normalized and less busy schedule for the student and family, it saves the parents a lot of money spent on therapies and tutoring services that were not producing long-term benefits anyway.

Parent Support! Throughout their child’s enrollment, parents are provided educational news about neuroplasticity and how to best support their child’s brain growth, as well as connection with other families who are on a similar journey with their child.